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      500 High-Quality MLM Email Leads.....

        Email Marketing Training Provided.....
          Generate a Phenomenal Residual Cashflow.....


    In the world of Internet Marketing the most important resource is HIGH-QUALITY LEADS. Without leads you will never truly succeed online.

    We will give you 500 MLM leads every month that are completely unshared and totally unique to you, no two members will ever receive the same leads. Your leads will consist of First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Date/Time Stamp, and IP Address. They are very fresh, under 30 days old.

    Our leads are people who have requested to receive email information regarding on-line programs and earning a living on the Internet. They are waiting to hear about your offer. You will be given the first opportunity to contact these prospects.


Discover the MoneyMaking Power that "high quality"
leads can bring your way!

Fully automate your marketing by using your leads
with our autoresponder.
(For a small additional fee of only $7.95)


    Your $29.95 Membership Fee Includes:

    500 High-quality double opt-in MLM leads every month sent within 24hrs of payment verification. Purchase additional leads from your Members Lounge for as low as 10˘ each.

    Your own personal Net Profit Leads website with Members Lounge containing complete commission, downline and hit tracking stats. Promotion Center with all the marketing tools needed to profit from all your ventures.

    Entry into our Highly Profitable 3x8 forced matrix compensation plan. Generating plenty of spillover.


Our Compensation Plan

As an incentive to recruit new members into our program we will place you in our highly PROFITABLE 3x8 forced matrix earning you $26,259 each and

every month. We have selected a 3 wide matrix to provide you with a massive amount of spillover from your upline which inturn will reward you with a phenomenal monthly income. cheap engines.

You will earn $5 for every member you personally 
sponsor into Net Profit Leads.

Referral bonuses and contests!

It's never been so easy to earn!


Members Testimonials

WOW! I couldn't believe it.... My very first mailing netted me 19 new sign-ups to my primary program.

I've tried many other lead programs and none have given the fantastic results that I have had with Net Profit Leads.

Thank you very much!

I'm in my third month with Net Profit Leads and i'm already earning 4x as much as it costs to be a member. I have people joining my primary programs, ezine, and am building an excellent opt-in list. A guy in my downline is averaging 12 sign-ups a month into his program!

The leads are responsive and great value, the support and training is unrivaled, and the income is fantastic! Thanks a lot, and keep those pay cheques coming...

Justin Horth
Webmaster, Publisher & Networker


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Thousands of members are already enjoying the benefits
of the NPL Marketing Machine. Grab yours now!


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